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Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held remotely by Zoom on Sunday 14th July 2024 starting at 2.00 pm.

If you want an invitation to this meeting please use the contact form.

Provisional dates of future meetings:-
(All meetings at 2.00pm via Zoom)

  • 8th September 2024
  • 17th November 2024


Almost half a century ago, at a time of great change, the Society was founded by a small group of psychiatrists led by Dr. R. Crockett and Dr. J. Hutchinson with the aim of promoting the interest and practice of clinical psychiatrists and supporting the introduction of humane, modern and innovative approaches to the treatment and care of patients.

With far greater changes looming we feel that the Society is well placed to contribute to the progression of medical practice in general and psychiatry in particular.

  • SCP and the Royal College of Psychiatrists
    Under the Chairmanship of Dr. John Howells, the Society was instrumental in the creation of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 1971. The Society continues to support the College’s role and activities. We see our role as complementary to that of the College.
    The Society, as an independent group, is able to highlight issues of concern to the profession and to campaign on matters which fall outside the remit of formal bodies such as the Royal College of Psychiatrists. The suspended doctors working group is one example.

Current issues:

The Society’s need to recruit new members particularly from among young consultants and career grade doctors.

Making our web site available to members who may wish to publish their work on the Internet.

The future of the Society as an independent organisation representing the interest of psychiatrists.

We welcome suggestions and comments. For more details email or write to us using our feedback form.

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A new web site The Doctors Support Group

The Doctors Support Group (DSG) aims to provide support and assistance to any medical professional or dentist facing suspension, exclusion, investigation of complaints and/or allegations of professional misconduct:

  • Where the Group feels that major management decisions adversely affecting the doctor’s career have been inappropriate, disproportionate or unreasonable.
  • Or where the doctor is suffering from severe psychological problems that could be life threatening – whatever the causation.

  Revamped GMC revisited

The SCP’s response: On Revalidation!

The Staffordshire hospital scandal. Why didn’t doctors do something?

Annual General Meetings

Points of view: 

In Memoriam: Kenneth Severin, Jimmy Mubenga and Sean Rigg
Postscript to Experiences of a Medical Whistleblower in Great Britain 

Contributions to SCPNET including Letters to the Editor are welcomed.

SCPNET’s Points of View are not formally peer-reviewed and do not necessarily represent the views of the Society unless so stated.

CONTACT: Please write using our feedback form.

Annual General Meetings

Points of view: 

CONTACT: Please write using our feedback form.
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Chairman: – Dr Dermot J Ward FRCPI FRCPsych, 4 Jubilee Terrace  Chichester  West Sussex PO19 7XT, tel 01243 778716. Email [email protected]

Secretary: – Dr Pam Harper -E:  [email protected]

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