Points of View

Points of view

Medical self-regulation: the way ahead?

Lets invalidate Revalidation!

Reorganisation of the NHS. Again!

Line management led by donkeys   

The trouble with institutional racism

Advice to doctors facing suspension or other disciplinary procedures

Whilst We were Sleeping!

Psychiatry in a state


Suspended Doctors Group’s Annual Report (2007)

On the Royal Colleges, MMC and PMETB

Is medicine still a profession? Whilst we were sleeping!

November 2007

The second Peasants Revolt?

May 2006
Past and future

April 2006
Conflict resolution
Respect for NHS consultants?

March 2006
Parental Alienation Syndrome
Life after Darkness
(book review)

February 2006
SCP’s early history;
living on Death Row & Dignitas in Zurich

January 2006
FoIA “It’s not about toilet paper

December 2005
Request for feedback November 2005
Book Review Your Right to Know

October 2005
Freedom of Information 9 months on

September 2005
Piano Men

August 2005
Response to the Editor re Self Harm

July 2005
Institute of Psychotherapy and Disability Conference
Holiday Reading

June 2005
Past caring
Flexibilitas Cerea
Negative Impact of GMC investigation procedures

May 2005
Silver Surfers

April 2005
Single Case Studies

January 2005
Unjustly suspended doctors
2005 & the Freedom of Information Act
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –Media Watch:
Consultant psychiatrist let down
(Hospital Doctor 8/06)
Adjusting the deckchairs of the Titanic (Dr P Tomlin)
General Medical Council overturned
electronic clocking in to monitor trainees Writing on the wall?
Lowering GMC standards of proof (Hospital Doctor 8/06)

Close to the Wind (Dr M T Haslam)
Confessions in criminal cases: Are they always safe and relevant?
(Dr L Lowenstein)
Experiences in Court with cases of Parental Alienation
Expert Witness Alienated Chairman’s annual address 2005 

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

ECT – A new look

“Double Monkey Dialogue”
A personal approach to treating intractable panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive ruminationsPrescribing rights and retired doctors

On the GMC and “self-regulation”

The visitor consultant: a new disturbing grade!

Psychiatric support for prisoners: deteriorating realities
Would any readers like to share their experience of the current situation?

Patients, partners and paternalism

Violence..What violence?

Beds and stigma in mental illness 

Hoffman and Pinochet :   Kennedy and Bristol!

Remuneration of doctors for legal work
On the General Medical Council

A Matter of Honours!

Tilting at doctors Daily Telegraph 3 August 2004
Whose life is it anyway? Daily Telegraph 31 July 2004
Right-to-life ruling puts doctors ‘in impossible position’;
Minister puts a price on the right to life
The Times May 16/19 2005
Dr Dermot Ward and Mr Leslie Burke. Political Correctness towards handicapped people?
Chairman’s Annual Address 2004

New Roles for Psychiatrists RCP’s response to BMA Publication

TRYING TO REDUCE PRISON SUICIDES (Experiences of a prison doctor)

Shipman doesn’t make us all bad (Hospital Doctor article)

Questions over the use of EBM in Psychiatry
Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry March 2005
This journal has a well organised website. Malcom Lader welcomes (with reservations) the RCP/BMJ book Clinical Evidence Mental Health. Barry Jones’ defends the doctor-patient relationship and the need to resolve the rift and split into factions;
“is it right that EBM should be the overriding principal in our workplace?”

Mental health care shake-up warning
The Guardian March 23 2005
– – Government plans to reform mental health services will force too many people into compulsory treatment and erode their civil liberties, a committee of MPs and peers has warned – –

Broken Trust
(Hospital Doctor 14 April 2005, pp 16-20, Melanie Newman) Possibly excessive disciplinary actions suffered by a consultant gynaecologist- facts have come to light that cast doubt on whether he deserved to be struck off.
On Mental Health Review Tribunals:

The Mental Health Review Tribunal Website
This official website is a recent new presence on the internet.

The Times Law section on Tuesdays is worth watching. The 19 October 2004 issue has a two-page spread on psychiatric concerns. A restricted patient (manslaughter with diminished responsibility) gives his personal view on the way that MHRT panels operate and their shortcomings, “Do we want a system that works well or one that makes things worse?“, and there is discussion of the burden likely to fall upon RMOs to review 22,000 ‘Bournewood’ patients denied their rights, including those of access to the MHRT. Mental health review tribunals and legal representation – equality of arms?
Legal Representation for Detaining Authorities?Dr John W. Coates argues that there should be legal representation routinely for Trusts, instead of reliance upon RMOs to argue the case for continuing detention (Psychiatric Bulletin, November 2004).
Is not the burden of proof already laid too heavily upon the patient? What do you think?

Recent Problems Dr Brian Crossley has researched difficulties resulting from withdrawal of clerks from MHRT hearings, including late cancellations (Psychiatric Bulletin, October 2004)

Quest for Fair Process and Natural Justice

Inside The Mental Health Review Tribunal

Discipline in Public Service
(Justice of the Peace)

Confusion between Tribunals and Managers
See also Suspensions Study Group

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