Interesting Sites and Links:

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Medical sites 

BNF online

BMA: British Medical Association

HCSA : Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association

Royal College of Psychiatrists

The American Psychiatric Association: Check Real CME online!

NIMH  :  A site you must visit

The American Association of Community Psychiatrists

DoctorNet :    have your say in the forum. 

Behavioral Associates (State of art Psychological therapies in New York City )

DocGuide: Read the latest with a personal home page.

DoH: Department of Health

eBMJ :The BMJ online

What are your hobbies and out-of-work interests that you might like to share with readers?

See Memoir by former Chairman of SCP

Editorial HolidayReading for recommended psychiatric murder mysteries by clinical psychologist Dr Frank Tallis

Musical Pointers: includes Music Reviews by its editor, Dr. Peter Grahame Woolf

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