This page has been opened at the request of the Executive Committee at their meeting in May 2006.

Contributions will be welcomed, also to the extensive Points of View section.

Dear Editor,

As you know from my final Editorial, I had taken the view that it was inappropriate to continue editing a psychiatric journal when no longer pursuing clinical work.

I am making a first contribution to this page to thank you for co-opting me as an editorial colleague.

Members of the Society's executive committee had reached a collective wish that control of SCPNET should be returned to you, the original creator of the website and a clinician in full time NHS employment. There had arisen an developed and become entrenched a misunderstanding, despite repeated denials which readers will have noted, that I had in some way been preventing contributions from reaching the pages of the website either in Points of View or the online Journal of Clinical and Social Psychiatry.

I take this opportunity to re-affirm that that had never been the case, and to thank you again for enlisting my help as your 'Joint Editor'. I shall be happy to assist you as needed for the time being, and look forward to reading about the further developments of the Society. I understand that the Chairman will be providing reports here of the key points at meetings.

Peter Woolf
20 September 2006